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The Chicago Mitzvah Campaign was developed to provide help and support to members of the entire Chicago Jewish community. We offer our services when people need them most, at times of frailty, illness, infirmity, and loss.

Our programs assist individuals with information, social support and material aid, and avail them of spiritual counsel, Jewish traditions and observances.

Departed Souls Say "Thank You"

His body had already been transferred, and was now awaiting its apparent destiny in the crematorium. But Divine Providence evidently had a different outcome in store for him...Read More

Adding Quality Years to Life

When the officers beheld the blood spattered all over the apartment, and heard Ilya's calm refusal to seek medical attention at the hospital, they thought that they had a suicide case on their hands...Read More

Vulnerable Senior Saved by CMC

Rabbi Wolf's caring and thoughtful approach had the desired calming effect, and helped MW to catch her breath and focus. "Let's go!" she exclaimed....Read More

A Final Request

Everyone seemed to hold their breath as if they sensed that this exchange between the rabbi and the patient might be ES's last meaningful communication while on earth....Read More

Chicago Well-Being Taskforce

"Don't worry", Rabbi Wolf told the officer, "This is a Jewish lady and I'm a rabbi. Just leave the talking to me"....Read More

A Moving Barmitzvah

At one point during the afternoon the man recovered his faculties long enough to tell his son, "I am now a bar mitzvah". Those were his final words....Read More

Turning Off Life Support: The Jewish Perspective

The family was now preparing to remove life support from the patient, allowing her to expire.....Read More

Living Positively

The nursing home staff assumed that BK had chosen to relinquish his hold on life, so they had given up on him and were just awaiting the inevitable.....Read More

Your Life May Depend Upon It

RM's situation was desperate. He was stuck in his place, suffering tremendous pain and absolutely incapable of reaching a telephone to call for help.....Read More

Mezuzah Check

There is a highly commendable and often strikingly successful tradition for individuals to have their mezuzahs checked as a defensive measure against adverse circumstances, particularly the misfortune of ill health. The following episodes illustrate.....Read More

Medical Alert System Comes To The Rescue

Mrs. A sustained a fall while alone in her home early on Saturday morning. The impact of the fall broke her hip and she lay in agony immobile on the floor, dazed and helpless ....Read More

CMC Saves A Life

Clearly, she was in a poor state of physical and mental health...in fact, the doctor remarked that had she not been admitted at that time into medical care at the hospital she very well may not have survived the night.....Read More

Miracle Barmitzvah

A barmitzvah is a solemn and momentous turning point in the life of every Jewish teen, and it is a proud and poignant experience for his parents. But for the Lev family it was much more than that; it was a miracle.....Read More

"From Hashem Are Man’s Footsteps Established

AL opened his suitcase and found the siddur, but noticed that his tefillin were absent. Frantically, he began searching everywhere throughout the interior of the car, the trunk, and his suitcase, but all to no avail....Read More

A Story Of Divine Providence

The following story illustrates how an effort made by an individual to initiate good works or a holy endeavor may be rewarded with a surprising and unexpected display of ....Read More

A Jewish Burial

MW told Rabbi Wolf about his dire health condition. His doctors had diagnosed him with two different types of blood diseases, each of which was considered terminal....Read More